A little bit about me..

As often happens in life, being a mom has changed me.

As a passionate nature photographer, I found myself turning the lens towards my newborn son,

as my little family is now what mattered most. His every move, every expression,

every milestone, needed to be captured before they quickly passed by.

Family photography became my new passion, but the love for nature remained with me.

That is why I usually choose to photograph the experience outdoors, where the light but also we are at our most natural.

During our photoshoot together, my goal is to help you feel comfortable and just have fun! I will make sure

to capture the calm and crazy moments, the emotions and the details that make your family unique,

so you can look back at those moments with fondness forever.

Do you have questions? Or shall we make a date?

"Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow."

—Imogene Cunningham