Terms & Conditions


Booking related questions:

•When to book:

You can contact me at any time. It is always best to book a session a few weeks in advanced to make sure your preferred day and time is available, but you can always try your luck and I will do my best to be spontaneous!

•The payment:

Once you have decided to book a photoshoot, I will send you the invoice and ask you to transfer 50Euro deposit to reserve the appointment. The rest of the money should be paid until the photoshoot day either in cash or bank transfer.

By paying the deposit you accept my Terms and Conditions.

• Is a studio photoshoot possible?

No. While studios can offer beautiful photos as well, I prefer the wild, natural and unexpected of the outdoors. The light is natural, you are natural and the background always offers something new.

I do however offer to come to your home or any other indoor location if that is where you wish to be photographed.

Photoshoot related questions:

•What to bring?

There is nothing you need to bring with you, apart from items you wish to be photographed with!

You are free to bring toys, clothes and all other accessories that come to mind. I do have a few accessories I am happy to bring with me (for example, first birthday items) and this can also be discussed in our communication before the photoshoot.

•What to wear?

Anything you like that makes you feel good 😊

My personal preference is light colors, but it is not a must. It is best however to color match if there are multiple people in the photoshoot and to avoid clothes with ‘messy’ patterns or prints.

•Best time to meet?

Depending on the time of year, the ideal time with the best light is usually early morning or late afternoon.

I will gladly offer a suggestion based on my experience. However, I work according to your schedule preferences and limitations, and each time of the day has its own charm.

•How to act?

Don’t feel natural in front of a camera? That’s completely fine! I am here to guide you and to make you forget the camera is there. We will have fun together and you just need to act like yourself or follow my lead.

•Cancelling/ rescheduling:

Cancelling the booking is possible up to one week before the photoshoot. In this case the 50Euro deposit will not be reimbursed. If a full payment was already made, you will receive a refund.

When cancelling the photoshoot less than one week in advance you will be charged the full amount.

Rescheduling of the photoshoot is free of charge within 3 months of the original appointment. After this, a new booking fee of 50Euro will be charged in order to book a new appointment.

•Bad weather/ sickness:

In case of an illness/ injury we will of course reschedule the photoshoot.

The same goes for bad weather conditions that will make the photoshoot impossible.

Keep in mind that a slight change of the weather, light drizzle or clouds do not count as bad weather.

Cloudy days are in fact perfect photoshoot conditions! But we will not try to fight off a storm.

•After photoshoot:

In the days after the photoshoot you will receive a link via email to your personal gallery, where you can view the photos and select the photos you would like me to edit (the number of photos according to the package you chose or that was agreed prior to the photoshoot). Additional photos can be selected and purchased at this point as well.

When the photos are finishes (usually up to 4 weeks from the point of your selection), you will be able to go on your gallery again and download the finished photos directly from the gallery.

The purchase of a professionally designed photo book is possible upon request.

Limit of liability:

I photograph in a safe environment and have no intention to put anyone at risk, however I cannot be held responsible for any personal damages or injuries that might occur during our photoshoot.  Yourself, your family and your belongings are your responsibility.

If I am unable to perform the services due to cases beyond my control (illness, injury, emergency or other reasonable cause) I will do my best to give you an alternative appointment within a month.

If we fail to find a new appointment you will receive a full refund.

Copyright notice:

Your beautiful photos are examples of my work and, unless requested otherwise, I will use them for marketing and promotional purposes and will share them proudly on my website and social media channels, where you are welcome to tag yourself, comment and share :)

I respect your privacy and will not reveal any personal information and the photos will be displayed in a lawful and respectful manner.

The copyrights of the photos stay with me and the photos cannot be altered or used by anyone other than me for commercial purposes. The photos are licensed for your private use alone (to be printed and shared with family and friends or on social media).

I do not give away unedited photos. The editing is part of my work process to ensure the photos you receive meet the high quality I set for my brand.